Important Information

The purpose of this course is to introduce studnts to the different career possiblities, encouring them to see what the world has to offer.  Students learn about self-discovery and begin to identify themseves with others.  It allows them to discover and accept what thier interests are and to build on what kind of career choices are more identifiable to them.  Within this course students will learn about the 16 national career clusters and associate which career clusters are more sutitable for them based on interests and skills.  Throughout the semester students will be given the opportunity to complete different career interest surveys to help them determine which career cluster is closer to thier interests.  This tool really helps students understand the breakdown of career pathways. 

We just don't stop there, within the course will also discuss different post secondary opportunities.  Students will learn about technical schools, colleges, and univerisities.  They will conduct postsecondary research and begin to do long term goal planning based on thier career interests.

This course will not only help students in the long run but it also a great way to learn about thier transition from middle school to high school.  Students will learn about the different types of career pathway courses that are available for them in high school.  Upon completing thier 8th grade year, students will complete thier personal graduation plan, this plan is based on the career pathway that they would like to take, giving them a more concrete idea of what kind of careers are available within thier chosen pathway.

Last but not leaset, student will learn what it takes to get a job.  Students will be introduced to job seeking skills and prepare them for the workforce in the future.  Students will learn the entire finding and getting a job process, they will be expected to learn how to look for a job, write a resume, fill out a job application as well as knowing good interviewing skills.

I find this course to be the bridge that connects them from childhood to adulthood.  Our goal is for all students to be career and college ready by the time they gradutate from high school.  This course become helpful and beneficial to all students.  We will get thier wheels turning and begin to identify what they want for their future.