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5 Roma ISD Schools Rank in Top of State According to 2022 Children at Risk Rankings

Children at Risk annually honors schools that rise beyond expectations and excel academically as Gold Ribbon Schools, which are determined as high-poverty, high-performing schools. In order to qualify as a Children at Risk Gold Ribbon School, 75 percent or more of a campus’ students must be classified as low-income, and the school must receive an A or B grade in the group’s annual academic school rankings. Charter and magnet schools are not eligible. Five Roma ISD schools earned the Gold Ribbon recognition this year.
Out of the 3,967 ranked elementary schools in the state of Texas, R. & C. Saenz Elementary School ranked 16th, F. J. Scott Elementary School ranked 28th, and Emma Vera Elementary School ranked 39th, putting them in the top 1 percent of Texas elementary schools! Delia G. Garcia Elementary School ranked 340th, putting them in the top 10 percent of Texas elementary schools. Only 342 Texas elementary schools earned a Gold Ribbon out of 3,967.
Roma Middle School was also named a Gold Ribbon School, and is one of just 64 middle schools in the state of Texas to earn the recognition. There are 1,950 middle schools ranked in Texas, with Roma Middle School ranking in the top 15 percent in the state!
According to Children at Risk, Gold Ribbon Schools operate with a variety of characteristics that formulate success including setting a high bar for academic achievement, communication with families, using data to make decisions about what does and does not work for their students, supporting whole child development through extensive extracurricular activities, and continually looking for resources to help improve opportunities for students and the communities they serve.
“Once again data shows that Roma ISD has the formula for academic success, with four of our elementary schools and one of our middle schools ranking tops in the state of Texas,” said Roma ISD Superintendent Carlos M. Gonzalez Jr. “Our mission is built on a commitment to excellence in all that we do. I am so proud of the excellence shown at our campuses every day. We are strongly devoted to helping our students achieve all their goals and part of that is providing them with a solid academic foundation. Congratulations to all of these schools. I am super proud and look forward to continued success for all our schools!"
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5 Roma ISD Schools Rank in Top of State According to 2022 Children at Risk Rankings