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Roma ISD Announces Expansion of Policies and Programs Designed to Continue to Promote Equity and Inclusion in our District

The Roma Independent School District is pleased to announce plans to further expand and strengthen the District’s existing Board Policies, Student Handbook and other programs as a continuation of the District’s ongoing efforts to foster and actively encourage concepts of equality and acceptance on our campuses, and to further prohibit freedom from any instances of discrimination or harassment.

On August 26, 2020, Roma ISD announced a commitment to our community to proactively assess and further develop existing written policies and employee training programs on these subjects.  The District has worked through the initial steps of this process thoughtfully and wishes to reiterate that we intend to keep this pledge to the Roma ISD community and continue to do what is best for all persons on all our campuses . 

During the 2020-2021 school year, Roma ISD will proceed with the following initial actions:

  1. The District will adopt and implement new Board Policies provided recently by the Texas Association of School Boards (“TASB”) to enhance equality and inclusivity within our District, and to adhere to changing laws which apply to public independent school districts. It is anticipated that these policy updates will be presented to the Board in the near future.


  1. The District will evaluate and update our Student Handbook and employee regulations and practices to make them consistent with District-wide policy expansions, to respond to evolving laws, and to further promote the implementation and enforcement of the District’s goals.


  1. The District will conduct training (most likely through on-line resources) of District administrators, teachers and other employees as necessary and as advisable to promote the goals enumerated herein.

Roma ISD has always supported educational policymaking and training programs aimed at providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming educational environment for every student.  The District has contemporary written policies and training programs in place which are aimed at furthering these ideals, and which are promulgated by TASB.  The District is now proud and excited to take additional steps forward for the benefit of our students and our community.