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Roma ISD Teachers Get $400 for Virtual Supplies for 2020-2021

Big thanks to the Roma ISD Federal Programs Department led by Mrs. Mary Lou Cruz for helping to secure a ESSER: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Grant that will cover virtual school supplies for every teacher at Roma ISD!

Authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, 428 Roma ISD teachers will receive $400 each to cover items needed for online teaching including white boards, screens, cameras, phone stands to record themselves, or other related items on an approved list of supplies.

“We are so happy to have secured this extra funding and really have to thank Mrs. Cruz for her leadership in helping to secure and manage these funds, as well as her work with our principals to identify areas of need that can most help our teachers,” said Roma ISD Superintendent Carlos Guzman. “Usually we are only able to give our teachers $100 for supplies so this $300 increase is a huge help.”

In all, through the grant, the district will provide teachers $171,200 for digital supplies this school year.


Roma ISD Teachers Get $400 for Virtual Supplies for 2020-2021