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Roma Middle Art Teachers Salute Jr. Vase Art Students

A message from Roma Middle School Art Teachers Mr. D. Trevino and Mrs. L. Trevino:

Before this school year ends, we want to congratulate our Jr. Vase participants from Roma Middle School! Santiago de la Rosa, Milca Martinez, Kaythleen Rodriguez, Emily Mendes, Fryda Garza, Diane Canales, Analy Trevino, Anica Gonzalez, Ingrid Cortez and Gabriela Vera are budding artists showing real skill. We know that all of you would have brought back the gold! We are extremely proud of you for demonstrating your artistic skills to us and everyone else. Even though there was not enough time to finish, and the competition was canceled due to covid-19, you are all champions! Keep up the good work Mighty Gladiators!

Art Collage 2