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Roma ISD Pre-Kinder Teachers Attend Engaging Training


Roma ISD Pre-Kinder teachers recently had the opportunity to expand their instructional strategies and teaching resources. The teachers attended a 1-day interactive training on January 24 entitled, “High Quality Early Classrooms: Best Practices for Effective Teaching and Learning”. The session was conducted by Region 1 consultant Mrs. Rosalinda Ochoa. The extensive and interactive session provided fun, nurturing, engaging, and hands-on activities that teachers could immediately take back and implement in their classrooms. Each participant received training on activities and were provided innovative resources to help develop early language, math and literacy skills in young children.


Roma ISD teachers that attended the training included Santa Guerra, Michell Ramon and Rubisela Villarreal from Emma Vera Elementary; Efrain Gonzalez and Mirella Martinez from F.J. Scott Elementary; Maria G. Flores, Brenda Lopez, Carlos Lozano and Rosa M. Ramirez from R. & C. Saenz Elementary; Jose G. Cantu, Marianela Lopez, Janet Resendez and Lesslie M. Saenz from D.G. Garcia Elementary; Melba Canales, Ilenia Garcia, Norma Gonzalez, Ana L. Ramos, Carmina Saenz and Eduardo Serna from Veterans Memorial Elementary; Fabiola Garcia and Olga Salinas from R.T. Barrera Elementary.


Thank you to Region I consultant Rosalinda Ochoa for providing such an excellent interactive workshop that will surely enhance the learning of Roma ISD Pre-Kinder students.


Roma ISD Pre-Kinder Teachers Attend Engaging Training



By: Joe R. Martinez Jr., Roma ISD CTE Director