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Roma High Mariachi Program Earns 20+ Spots in All-Region Mariachi


Congratulations to the Roma High School Mariachi Program students who were selected for the TMEA All-Region Mariachi! For the 7th consecutive year, Roma High had the most students placing in All-Region Mariachi than all the other 13 high schools competing. Placing for violin are Alexia Aguillon, Ociel Barrera, Ximena Garcia, Adriana Martinez, Arely Molina, Melissa Pomares, Hector Ramirez III, Ernesto Saldana and Alec Vasquez. Marielena Chapa, Ricardo Muniz, Ruben Reyes and Eric Santana placed for guitar. Ramon Madrigal and Sebastian Perez placed for guitarron, and Gilberto Gonzalez, Juan. G. Lopez and Cesar Rios earned a spot for vihuela. Jacob Barrera and Jacob Cruz placed for harp, and Andres Barrientos, Juan Garcia and Edgar Salinas earned places for trumpet. Jelayna Barrera placed for voice in the soprano category, and Ernesto Saldana earned a place for bass. Way to go to these students, their instructors and their parents! 


oma High Mariachi Program Earns 20+ Spots in All-Region Mariachi



By: Roma ISD's Office of Public Relations