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Roma High, Roma ISD Celebrate Ribbon Cutting for Refurbished Swimming Natatorium


The Roma High Mighty Gladiator Swim and Diving Team was excited to celebrate the completion of the Roma High School Swimming Natatorium Refurbishment Project, which included the repaving of the pool, the addition of rubber flooring around the entire pool, and the replacement of the facility roof.


In summer 2018 the re-plastering of the pool occurred along with the replacement of the diving boards at a cost of $165,000.00. In summer 2019 the retractable roof at the pool facility was replaced at a cost of $470,000.00. For less than $80,000 the district added the colorful rubber siding through the entire facility. The air conditioning and humidification system was also updating the fall 2019.


"A high school is at the heart of a community like ours. We work to bring everyone together to celebrate and promote our youth and look to our alumni to keep on our traditions of excellence. The Natatorium Project is a culmination of that dedication to our tradition of excellence and a promise for our youth," said Roma High Principal Ildefonso Saldivar. "Thank you to everyone who worked diligently to make this dream a reality."


“I want to thank you administration and board members for being here to help us celebrate and for helping us,” said Roma High School senior and Swim Team Captain Israel Gudino. “I can tell you that this new facility, this new roof and this new floor, really facilitates our workouts. It really motivates us to come here in the morning; it makes it a really light and good atmosphere, which is something that has been missing. I have been swimming since I was an 8th grader, but now it is really nice, bright and lively in here. So thank you for all you have done for us. We really appreciate it.”



Roma High, Roma ISD Celebrate Ribbon Cutting for Refurbished Swimming Natatorium



By: Roma ISD Office of Public Relations