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Roma ISD Highlighted in State Report on Excellence in the RGV


Roma ISD is once again in the state spotlight. The district was recently included in a report from the Texas Comprehensive Center at American Institutes for Research entitled, “District Excellence in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas: A Case Study of Four High Performing Districts”.


“It was a real honor for our district to be highlighted in this report, allowing us to showcase the hard work our faculty and staff put into making Roma ISD one of the top performing districts not just in the Valley, but the entire state of Texas,” said Roma ISD Superintendent Carlos Guzman. “Our success is a true family effort as a result of teamwork and collaboration across all departments and schools. We thank all members of The Gladiator Nation for helping us emerge as a truly elite school district.”


Roma ISD’s success is highlighted alongside Edinburg CISD, Los Fresnos CISD, and Sharyland ISD.


According to TXCC, “This comprehensive case study of this region will expand TEA's understanding beyond the school level and will inform state grant-making, policy, and technical assistance for Title I schools and districts. The study is designed to be a springboard for strategic partnerships at the state and regional level that will replicate successful practices within specific regions. Struggling districts will be given the tools they need—tools that have been used, refined, and proven successful in neighboring districts with the same student demographics.”


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By: Roma ISD Office of Public Relations