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Roma ISD Teachers Attend Robotics LEGO EV3 Training to Prepare for Club Activities


By: Jose R. Martinez Jr., Roma ISD CTE/State Comp. Director


On Saturday, February 23, several Roma ISD teachers had the opportunity to engage in a hands-on Robotics training to further enhance their technology and coding skills. These teachers are the Robotics Club sponsors at their respective elementary school. They are preparing for an Elementary Robotics Tournament which will be held in May 2019. The participants built, programmed and explored activities they will conduct with their students as they prepare for the tournament.  The LEGO EV3 Mindstorm Core and Expansion Robot kits will be used by the students in the tournament. The goal is to engage students in authentic STEM-based activities which will inspire interest in middle- and high-school STEM courses and STEM careers.


Teachers participating in the training include Jose G. Cantu of Delia G. Garcia Elementary School; Arlen Jasso and Jessica Ramirez of Emma Vera Elementary School; Maricela Rios and Carlos Lozano of R.& C. Saenz Elementary School; Belen Salinas of F.J. Scott Elementary School; Christina Mayne of Veterans Memorial Elementary School; Elias Perez and Delma Rios of R.T. Barrera Elementary School; and Victor Gutierrez of Ramiro Barrera Middle School. Leading the training were Berry Nall and Macario Guerra of Roma High School.


Thank you to the Robotics Club sponsors for each school for their active participation and to the trainers for providing such an excellent, interactive hands-on workshop that will surely enhance the learning and technology skills of our elementary students throughout the district.


Roma ISD Teachers Attend Robotics LEGO EV3 Training to Prepare for Club Activities