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Roma ISD Switches to Standard Response Protocol for Emergency Situations


In an effort to ensure our students and community are following the best safety guidelines available, Roma ISD is happy to announce our district is now following the “Standard Response Protocol” for all emergency situations. The Standard Response Protocol is a set of actions and language used in emergency situations.


Emergency responders across the United State and now in Starr County are following SRP to ensure quick action and better team preparedness. As part of the effort to educate community members, we hope you will take the opportunity to reinforce the terminology used in SRP with your children at home. Our schools and Roma ISD Police Department are training all children on SRP. Please see the handout below and go over it to reinforce these guidelines with your children. Please help us all be prepared in the event of the unthinkable. We appreciate your support in keeping our children and their future safe.


For more information about the Standard Response Protocol please visit https://www.iloveuguys. org/srp.html.


SRP Hand Out in English.


SRP Handout in Spanish.



By: Roma ISD Office of Public Relations