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Each Friday the Gladiators at Roma Middle School join together to wear pink to raise awareness about health screenings to prevent and early detection of cancer. (Photo courtesy Johanna Alvarez.)

Roma Middle School Students.




The R. & C. Saenz Elementary School Spartans enjoyed an awesome lunch with their parents courtesy of their Child Nutrition Team. (Photo courtesy Maricela Rios.)

 R. & C. Saenz Parent Lunch.

R. & C. Saenz Child Nutrition Team.




Did you know that there is ALOT of planning that goes into providing Library Services at Roma ISD? District librarians meet at least once a month to plan activities and coordinate lessons for students. They also are involved in many other activities that make their campuses run smoothly. Here are our district librarians at their October meeting at Roma Middle School. (Photo courtesy Dora Guillen-Salinas.) 

Roma ISD Librarians.   



The Delia G. Garcia Elementary School Warriors enjoyed a cool Bus Safety Presentation from our Roma ISD Transportation Department. All of the students, even those who don't normally ride the bus, learned important safety tips for use on their regular rides, for field trips and UIL activities for the future.

D.G.G. Bus Safety Presentation.





The Emma Vera Elementary School Cubs had the chance to express their creativity during Crazy Hair Day recently. The students really enjoyed showing off their cool creations! (Photos courtesy Judy Lopez-Muniz.)

 Emma Vera Elementary School Crazy Hair 1.

Emma Vera Elementary School Crazy Hair 2.




The Roma High School Counseling Department has been very busy this school year providing several opportunities for students to prepare for entering college or the military, including organizing and hosting parent financial aid events, a visit to Texas A&M University, and visits from several college and military recruiters. Thanks to the RHS Counseling Team for all they do for the students! (Photos courtesy Eva Garza.)

 Students at Texas A&M.

Students at college presentation.




Kudos to the F.J. Scott Elementary School Knights for hosting an awesome AR Kick-Off Rally. The students enjoyed dressing up for the day to embody the theme of cultural diversity and world literature. 

F.J. Scott Elementary AR Kick Off.

F.J. Scott Elementary AR Kick Off 2.




F. J. Scott Elementary encouraged students to wear blue to highlight World Bullying Prevention Day earlier this week. All schools at Roma ISD work year round to prevent bullying, and activities like this serve as a great reminder to students to always be caring and considerate of their peers. Great job Knights! (Photos courtesy F. J. Scott Elementary School Staff.)

F.J. Scott Elementary School Anti-Bullying.

F.J. Scott Elementary School Anti-Bullying 2.




Cynthia Moreno’s Kindergarten Class at Veterans Memorial Elementary School celebrated the start of Fall with some warm apple cider and apple pie. What a great way to bring a lesson about the season to life for the kids! (Photo courtesy Cynthia Moreno.)  

 Veterans Memorial Elementary School.




The Roma ISD Maintenance Department is very happy to show off their new John Deere 5075 Model Tractor! The tractor will primarily serve the south side of the district, which includes Delia G. Garcia Elementary, R.T. Barrera Elementary, Ramiro Barrera Middle School, Veterans Memorial Elementary School and R. & C. Saenz Elementary School. The tractor is extremely versatile and will ensure the team can perform many tasks much easier than before including maintaining school grounds and preparing new projects around school properties. (Photo courtesy Roma ISD Maintenance Department.)

Roma ISD's New Tractor.




Thanks to the Roma ISD PE Department headed by Coach Octavio Cantu for once again hosting wonderful Cancer Awareness Walks at our Roma ISD elementary schools. The annual activity helps reinforce messages about health and wellness, life choices and helping support those battling cancer in our community. Delia G. Garcia Elementary School, F.J. Scott Elementary School and R.T. Barrera Elementary School all hosted their walks early in October. 

 F.J. Scott Elementary Cancer Awareness Walk.

Delia G. Garcia Elementary Cancer Awareness Walk.

R.T. Barrera Elementary Cancer Awareness Walk.





The Warriors at Delia G. Garcia Elementary School hosted a wonderful AR Kick Off Rally. The students enjoyed seeing their teachers pose as different types of leaders and readers! 

D.G.G. AR Kick Off Rally.   

D.G.G. AR Kick Off Rally 2.




Thanks to all the sponsors, students and staff that made Roma ISD's annual Pink Game a success. The district hosted the Pink Game activities for the fourth year in a row, allowing sponsors to give out health information. The district also honored cancer survivors with a rose. Students participated by wearing pink in honor of those lost, those battling cancer and as a reminder that healthy living and early detection can save lives. 

Roma ISD Pink Game.

Roma ISD Pink Game 2.




The R. & C. Saenz Elementary School Spartans enjoy wearing pink throughout the month of October to raise awareness of early detection and healthy choices to battle and prevent cancer.

R & C. Saenz Elementary School students.



Students and parents enjoyed a delicious chicken finger lunch to celebrate National School Lunch Week! (Photos courtesy Judy Lopez-Muniz.)

Emma Vera Elementary School Parent Lunch.

Emma Vera Elementary School Parent Lunch 2.



By: Roma ISD Office of Public Relations