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Roma High Students Perform Well at UIL Academic Competition


Congratulations to all the Roma High School Mighty Gladiator UIL Academics Team members that competed and placed at the meet this weekend in Palmview! Following are the results:


Airam Garcia, 4th Place (Veteran Division)
Ricardo De Anda, 6th Place (Veteran Division)


Computer Science
Mike Guillen, 1st Place (Novice Division)
Leonardo Ponce, 2nd Place (Veteran Division)
Abel Ochoa, 4th Place (Veteran Division)


Current Events 
Rian York, 6th Place (Veteran Division)


Catalina Galvan and Danelo Gonzalez, 1st Place 
Jose Torres and Brianna Alaniz, 2nd Place


Informative Speaking
Andrick Garcia, 3rd Place (Veteran Division)
Alan Villegas, 4th Place (Veteran Division)


Journalism - Feature Writing
Leanza Trevino, 3rd Place


Journalism - Headline Writing
Leanza Trevino, 4th Place


Journalism - News Writing
Leanza Trevino, 2nd Place


Journalism – Copy Editing 
Leanza Trevino, 1st Place


Literary Criticism
Leanza Trevino, 1st Place (Veteran Division)
Paulina Guerra, 1st Place (Novice Division)
Lizette Villegas, 2nd Place (Novice Division)


Number Sense
Leonardo Ponce, 2nd Place (Veteran Division)


Persuasive Speaking 
Maritza Garcia, 5th Place (Veteran Division)


Ruben Garcia, 3rd Place (12th Grade Division)
Lauro Salinas, 5th Place (12th Grade Division)
Andrea Trevino, 6th Place (12th Grade Division)


Social Studies
Ana Avila, 2nd Place (Veteran Division)
Juan Delgado, 2nd Place (Novice Division) 
Leonardo Saenz, 6th Place (Veteran Division)


Students with trophies.


Students with trophies.


Student with trophies.


By: Roma ISD Office of Public Relations