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Roma ISD School Board Approves New Air Conditioning Systems for All Elementary School Gyms

“It is extremely hot outside and some of the principals spoke with the board leadership and Superintendent Guzman asking if it was possible to get AC units installed in their gyms,” explained Roma ISD School Board President Raul P. Moreno Jr. “With these hotter and hotter temperatures every year, the board leadership felt it was important to make these requests a priority and do the research to ensure we could make it happen for every school.”


“Mr. Alfonso Perez looked at our budget and did some price comparisons,” added Moreno. “When he came back to us he told us it was completely possible to make these AC units a reality at every elementary gym, not just the schools that requested it. So that’s why I asked for it to be added to the Sept. 27, 2018 agenda. And I’m very happy to report that the board voted to approve the AC units. Thanks to Mr. Tony Saenz for bringing the motion to a vote and to Mr. Dago Salinas for seconding that motion.”


AC units will be installed in the gyms at Emma Vera Elementary School, R. & C. Saenz Elementary School, Veterans Memorial Elementary School, R. T. Barrera Elementary School and in the Jesus Chuy Guerra Gym for F.J. Scott Elementary School. The brand new gym at Delia G. Garcia Elementary School was built with an AC unit included in the building costs.


“I really want to thank our School Board leadership for listening to the needs of our principals and working with us patiently to ensure we had the proper budget and plan in place to make this goal a reality,” said Mr. Guzman.


The installation of the new AC units across the district will be complete by February 2019. 


By: Roma ISD Office of Public Relations