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2020-2021 Return to School Plan

  • Return to School Plan

  • Introduction and Campus Priorities

  • Feedback and Input

  • Instructional Information for Families

  • Instructional Roles and Learning Tools

  • Return to School Protocols

  • Training

  • School Arrival and Dismissal

  • Cafeteria-Breakfast and Lunch

  • Standard Classroom Procedures

  • Water Fountains

  • Recess

  • Specialized Classroom Areas

  • School Events and Activities

  • On and Off Campus Activities

  • Hallways

  • Emergencies and Drills

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing


  • Roma ISD's Mariachi Program is thrilled to announce the students of Roma High School's Mariachi Nuevo Santander will be part of the official line up of inauguration events this week in honor of President-Elect Joseph R. Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. The students will debut a virtual recording of "This Land Is Your Land" during the Latino Inaugural 2021. Please tune in as these amazing students represent Roma, Starr County, and the entire Rio Grande Valley with pride showcasing the very best of mariachi music for the United States and the entire world! For more information see the invitation and bookmark this link to see the event streamed online at the page listed.
    Mariachi Invite
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    ¿Está su hijo inscrito en Roma ISD y es miembro del Programa de Educación Especial? Si es así, ¡puede ser elegible para recibir importante asistencia gratuita de TEA!
    Los Servicios de Educación Especial Complementaria (SSES, por sus siglas en inglés) son cuentas en línea disponibles para padres/cuidadores elegibles de estudiantes con discapacidades significativas y complejas que se han visto afectados por el cierre de escuelas debido a la COVID-19. Las familias de estudiantes con discapacidades elegibles pueden usar las cuentas en línea para obtener recursos y suministros educativos especiales o servicios como terapia del habla u otros servicios específicos adicionales. Los créditos de SSES son de hasta $1,500 por estudiante; se utilizan para complementar las clases que, de otro modo se darían en la escuela, para ayudar a los estudiantes a continuar con su progreso educativo.
    El programa de SSES tiene criterios de elegibilidad específicos; asegúrese de haber verificado que el estudiante cumple con los criterios de elegibilidad revisando la descripción general del programa y los requisitos de elegibilidad a continuación en el sitio web de SSES con la Agencia (TEA).
    Consulte el folleto a continuación para obtener más detalles y visite el siguiente enlace para obtener más información y solicitar. Solo puede postularse directamente a través de TEA.
    Spanish SSES Information
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    Is your child enrolled at Roma ISD and a member of the Special Education Program? If so, you may be eligible to receive important free assistance from TEA!
    Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) are on-line accounts for eligible parents/caregivers of students with significant and complex disabilities that have been impacted by COVID-19 school closures. Families of students with eligible disabilities can use the on-line accounts to obtain special educational resources and supplies and/or services such as additional speech therapy or other specific services. SSES credits are up to $1,500 per student to be used to supplement what otherwise happens in school to help students continue to make educational progress.
    The SSES program has specific eligibility criteria please make sure that you have verified that your student meets the eligibility criteria by reviewing the Program Overview and Eligibility Requirements below at the SSES website with the Texas Education Agency.
    Please see the flier below for more details and visit the following link to learn more and apply. You can only apply directly through TEA.
    SSES Account Info in English
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  • As we start this new year, we want to take the time to say thank you to our awesome Roma ISD School Board for all they do to help our district shine bright with the light of learning and excellence! January is National School Board Appreciation Month so we hope you will take some time to thank these folks for the many hours they volunteer each month to serve the community.

    School Board Appreciation Poster

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  • Dr. Owl App

    -Video on how to use Dr. Owl, a powerful tool to help keep staff and students safe from COVID-19 
    -Instructions on how to use the Dr. Owl app.

    -Video para usar Dr. Owl una herramienta para previnir la progapgacion del virus COVID-19
    -Instrucciones para usarla applicación Dr. Owl.

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  • Parent Schooling Choice Starting Oct. 19, 2020

    Click here to view the Parent Schooling Choice pamphlet.

    Elección de escuela para padres a partir del 19 de octubre de 2020

    Haga clic aquí para ver el folleto Elección de escuela para padres.

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  • Back to School Information Graphic

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