Lilia Trevino

Phone: 956-849-1434


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Fine Arts Certification All-Level Art Grades PK-12

Lilia Trevino

6th Grade Art

I have been teaching at Roma Middle School since 2001.    I graduated from Roma High School in 1991. I graduated from The University of Texas Pan American in 1996.

Conference: 2nd Period  8:55-9:35

RMS Yearbook Advisor

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso

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  • Dear art student, 

              I am not impressed by your speed. It's slow and steady what wins. 

    I have some kids that get super excited when they are the first ones done with their work, but being quick is not always a good thing.

    Remember the tortoise and the hare story? Who won the race? So, slow and STEADY wins the race. Also some kids work hard at first, then get tired, then quit doing their best. Sometimes that means they did not take the time to be neat or to complete the work. If you start neat, finish neat. Be consistent with your work.

    Have PRIDE in your work.

              I do not grade your work based on talent. Nobody can pick your talents when you are born. I am sure if you had a choice, all students would choose to be artistically inclined. So, I grade on your "ARTtitude". Do you try, do you fix mistakes, do you improve, do you listen to advice? Or do you give up, give half effort, or turn work in knowing it could be better?

              I have several pet peeves. My first pet peeve is when kids waste paper!

    They put one measly mark down and then throw it away! UGHHHHH!

    My second pet peeve is when students can't stop erasing! They draw a line and start erasing and never finish their work! UGHHHHH! I want to just throw erasers away! So, I made rules to fix those two problems I give only one page per assignment, if you make a mistake turn your page around, if you make another mistake just keep working ... NO MORE ERASING!

                    CAN'T START ALL OVER AGAIN!                                                                  FINISH YOUR WORK!




    Mrs. L. Trevino



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