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Bachelor of Science Biology and Health Certification

Mr. Adan Luera


Welcome to Mr. A. Luera's 8th Grade Science Classroom Page!!!!

I am very excited to communicate with all my students through this online Classroom Page. I know you are ready to get back in the classroom so you can learn.  However, because of the current world-wide circumstances we are not able to return back to the classroom. I will be conducting my lessons and posting online assignments on the Google Classroom app. Please check this page for any updates.


Dear Parents and Students,

The Teacher will be conducting lessons and posting assignments in the Google Classroom application until further notice. Each student received a Science Textbook at the begining of the school year. Most of the reading pages and assignments will come from that book unless specified on a certain assigment or certain date.  Thank you very much. Mr. A. Luera.

Estimados Padres y Alumnos,

El maestro publicara lecturas y tareas en la applicacion de Google Classroom hasta nuevo aviso. Cada estudiante recibio un libro de Ciencias cuando empezo la escuela. La mayoria de las paginas y tareas de lectura vendran de ese libro a menos que especifique en una determinada tarea o fecha determinada. Muchas gracias. Mr. A. Luera.

My Educational Background: Graduated from Roma High School and University of Texas Pan American Edinburg TX

I am currently teaching 8th grade Science at RMS. I have taught all three grade levels; 6th, 7th and 8th grade Science at RMS. I also work on revising and editing district curriculum for 6th, 7th and 8th grade Science Curriculum. Teaching is my passion and student success is my priority.

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