Ms. Yolanda Rosa

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies Associates Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Ms. Yolanda Rosa

I love ♥ and enjoy :) teaching 6th grade Social Studies. 

This subject is very interesting because we learn about geology. Which means we explore the different parts and regions of the earth. Some of what we explore are:

           *landforms      *flatforms     *deserts     *mountains    *rivers     *oceans      * lakes

In addition, students will understand the four oceans and the seven continents of the world.History Lessons Pictures

           Oceans: Pacfic, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic        Seven Continents: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Antartica, Asia and Austraila

Also, they will be able to get familiar with the history of different countries as:

           Spain, France and England and the reasons of colonization in the 13 colonies of North America.

Moreover, the students will be able to explain about many historical personalities as:

           John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and more. 

Overall, the Students will understand the impact of the different historical characters, wars, events, religions, governments and what causes changes from the past to present. 


*Parent or Guardian, If you have any academic questions about your son/daughter or about our Social Studies subject, please feel free to contact me in my conference time:

           from 8:34 to 9:25

or contact me to Ramiro Barrera Middle School telephone number:

          (956) 486-2563 or (956) 486-2670


6th grade class schedule: 

1st pd.    7:40-8:30

2nd pd.   8:34-9:25

3rd pd.   9:29-10:20

4th pd.   10:24-11:05

5th pd.   11:10-12:00

6th pd.   12:04-12:50

7th pd.   12:54-1:40

8th pd.    1:44-2:35

9th pd.    2:39-3:35


  • Vocabulary Words for this Week:


    *Treaty of Paris 1763                 *Proclamation Line 1763        

    *Issued                                     *Banned                                   

    *Free Enterprice                        *Mercantilism 

    *Import                                    *Export