Mrs. Eleanor Lopez



Degrees and Certifications:

I received my Bachelor's in Spanish /minor History from University of Texas Pan American in August 2011.

Mrs. Eleanor Lopez

Hello, my name is Eleanor Lopez. I teach Social Studies in 8th grade. 

Conference is 2nd period (8:34-9:25) and 7th period (12:50-1:40)


    • January 15-19
    • embargo, impressment, nationalism, pride, interpretation, manufacturing, loose/strict, state's rights. 
    • January 22-26
    • nullify, secede, resettlement, relocation, state's rights, interstate commerce, constitutionality, transcendentalism, monopoly. 
    • January 29- February 2
    • mass production, supply, demand, innovations, industrialization, efficient, economic development, urbanization, working class, capitalism, free enterprise, immigration, famine, staple food crop, pull factor, temperance, reform, consumption, ethnic

2nd Bi-weekly