Mrs. Nora Garza



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Nora Garza

I received a bachelors in Bilingual Bicultural Education at the University of Texas Pan-American.  I also have an Early Childhood Endorsement.  I later received a Masters in Reading which makes me a qualified reading specialist. 

  • Reading Academic Vocabulary

    1.  main idea - the most important or central thought

    2.  summarization - restating or retelling of the main idea

    3.  supporting details - giving more information about topic

    4.  view point - the way a person thinks about a particular thing

    5.  parallelism - sentences that are grammatically similar or identical in structure, sound, and meaning

    6.  comparison - representing of one thing or person as similar to or like another

    7.  causality - the relation between the cause and effect

    8.  autobiography - a self written account about a person's life

    9.  biography - true stories about notable people

    10.  fact - to prove the truth

    11.  verify - to prove the truth

    12.  internal rhyme - rhyme that occurs within a single line of verse

    13.  procedural text - texts that tells the reader how to do or make something

    14.  connections - the state of being connected

    15.  synthesize - to combine as to form a new complex product

    16. genre- a specific type, class, or category

    17.  historical - of or relating to the character of history

    18.  theme - subject or topic of a written form

    19.  rhyme scheme - a pattern of rhyme between lines of a poem

    20.  exaggeration - is a representation of something in an excessive manner

    21.  contradictory - mutually opposed or inconsistent

    22.  third person omniscient - all knowing narrator know the thoughts and feelings of all the characters

    23.  third person limited - the narrator knows only the thoughts and feelings of one character

    24.  first person - the narrator is a character in the story and is telling the story (uses I, me, we)

    25.  media - a wide selection of teaching tools

    26.  image - a graphical representation or picture

    27.  graphic - a visual presentation





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