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Accreditation Status

2020 - 2021 Accreditation Statuses (waived)
2019 - 2020 Accreditation Statuses

§97.1055. Accreditation  Status.

(a) General provisions.

(1) Each year, the commissioner of education shall assign to each  school district an accreditation status under Texas                   Education Code  (TEC), §39.052(b) and  (c). Each district shall be assigned a status defined as follows.


     (A) Accredited. Accredited means the Texas Education Agency (TEA) recognizes the district as a public school of this state             that:

          (i) meets the standards determined by the commissioner under TEC, §39.052(b) and (c), and specified in  §97.1059                  of this title (relating to Standards for All Accreditation  Sanction Determinations); and

          (ii) is not currently assigned an accreditation status of Accredited-Warned or Accredited-Probation.

     (B) Accredited-Warned. Accredited-Warned means the district exhibits deficiencies in performance, as specified  in                       subsection (b) of this section, that, if not addressed, will lead to probation or revocation of  its accreditation status.

     (C) Accredited-Probation. Accredited-Probation means the district exhibits deficiencies in performance, as specified in                   subsection (c) of this section, that must be addressed to avoid revocation of its accreditation status.

     (D) Not Accredited-Revoked. Not Accredited-Revoked means the TEA does not recognize the district as a Texas public                  school because the district's  performance has failed to meet standards adopted  by the commissioner under TEC,                  §39.052(b) and (c), and specified in subsection (d) of this section.