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On January 22, 2019 Emma Vera Elementary and Roel & Celia Saenz Elementary Gifted and Talented students took part in an academic competition at Region One Education Center in Edinburg, Texas.

Team Quest is an academic competition designed specifically for gifted and talented students that challenges them in areas such as engineering, mathematics and creativity.  This unique competition allows the students to demonstrate their ability to work together to successfully complete multiple challenges that cover the following five core areas:

  1. Team Strategy
  2. Creative Design
  3. Construction and Building
  4. Logic and Higher Level Thinking
  5. Real Life Problem Solving

Each challenge must be solved using a hands-on approach-allowing teams to apply their individual knowledge to real life problems.  The goal of Team Quest is for students to carry these important skills into their everyday lives while incorporating creativity, imagination, and engineering along the way.  All challenges are also aligned with current TEKS standards with a heavy emphasis on S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). 

Our students enjoyed working in groups to meet these challenges, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with students from other districts.

In addition, the students of Emma Vera Elementary brought home a third place trophy!