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ADSY PEP Summer School Elementary Schools

Our Gladiators R.I.S.E. (Results-Oriented, Innovatively Seeking Excellence) Summer Program, unified in our pursuit of excellence, will set high expectations for all and provide equitable learning experiences to educate the whole child by building partnerships and integrating purposeful innovation leading to maximizing the full potential of each child preparing them to be life ready.

The summer program will be provided as a resource to further support students with academic and instructional goals while also providing an opportunity for exploration through strong enrichment programs. Each day will consist of 3 hours of academic instruction and 3 hours of enrichment activities. Our goal is to accelerate learning for all students, decrease achievement gaps and increase students' overall performance in a safe, nurturing learning environment.

The Gladiators R.I.S.E. Summer Program will expand on the community's yearly accolades and incorporate fun-filled themes to enhance collaboration and sustain and nurture a positive program culture.