• Visualizing Hope: Showing America How to Reopen Safely by Going On Offense Against the Virus.

    URGENT INFORMATION from a letter sent to Dr. Mussett.  Due to the urgency of this matter Dr. Mussett asked us to share this letter with the Roma ISD Gladiator Nation Community.  Please take time to read the information provide below for immediate action. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!!  Roma is on the cutting edge of this information.



    Dear Dr. Mussett,

    Building the world's first ever visual network of viral safety in Roma is about so
    much more than hardware.  Educating Roma citizens FAST is a critical part
    of Visualizing Hope: Showing America How to Reopen Safely by Going
    On Offense Against the Virus

    There's no single group in the community more important to the success of
    Visualizing Hope than Roma's teachers. Once they understand Visualizing
    every Roma teacher can help people in the community "GO ON OFFENSE
    AGAINST THE VIRUS".  The goal is to rapidly educate the community about
    simple, inexpensive measures everyone can do to keep themselves and their
    loved ones safer against Covid-19.

    We all want our lives back. Roma's teachers can be a force multiplier at this
    critical juncture when we have NO TIME TO LOSE. Every day truly counts.
    Covid-19 is exploding before our eyes. In the next week, Texas will likely break
    to new all-time high daily case counts. And we are only at the beginning of six
    to seven months of Covid-19 danger. I believe that we will all soon be facing a
    crisis beyond anything, anyone can imagine. I share this not to frighten people
    but as a call to action to mitigate the risk of mass spread of Covid-19. WE CAN
    DO THIS!

    Attached below are three charts of Daily Covid Case Counts in: 1) Texas, 2) The
    United States & 3) France.  Each is current through today (November 7th).

    • France is a bellwether of what's about to happen in the United States.
      On September 4th, France shattered it’s all time high daily Covid case
      count ... since the pandemic began.
    • No one saw it coming. It was summer.  France was doing all the
      recommended safety measures with masks, social distancing,
      lockdowns, compulsive cleansing of everything, testing, tracing ...
      and none of these worked. 
    • Since precisely two months ago, France has jumped 2,100%.Just
      yesterday, France climbed 44% OVERNIGHT!  
    • If we extrapolate France's numbers to America's population, we're
      looking at 
      a daily Covid Case Count in The United States of 441,000
      people in a single 
      day. But America is likely to go much higher than





    Here's where hope lies:

    FULLY ENGAGE ROMA'S TEACHERS ASAP ... Below is a list of introductory
    information as a prelude to a free webinar where you, me and hopefully Dr.
    Falcon can give a brief presentation and answer every question. Teachers
    should be encouraged to ask tough questions. Nothing is off limits. No
    question is too simple. The goal is for teachers to feel confident and clear
    about the subject matter so they in turn can share this knowledge with the

    START A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT ... The entire community, in particular
    Roma's mothers, learn to use The Viral Safety Index to Visualize Hope and
    learn how to make their families more immune to Covid-19 BEFORE exploding
    case counts reach Roma.

    Please see the resources below:

    1. November 1st Article In The Monitor
    2. City of Roma Website
    3. Simple, Inexpensive Measures Everyone Can Do Now
    4. Recent Radio Interview on WDEL (Wilmington, DE) that mentions Roma & gives helpful background info
    5. Healthcare 360 Podcast: Indoor Humidity & Covid

    Daily Reported Cases of Covid-19

    1. State of Texas
    2. United States
    3. France 

    Simple Measures Everyone Can Do Right Now

    Sincerely, Jeff Gusky MD FACEP