Parent Schooling Choice Starting Oct. 19, 2020

  • Please see below two pamphlets, one in English and one in Spanish, that explain the school choice options that Roma ISD parents will have starting Oct. 19, 2020. Families will have the choice to remain fully virtual or send their students to campus to continue virtual instruction. The guidelines presented in these documents may change based on how many families elect to send their students back to campus. Some campuses may have very few students and some campuses may have many more students; Roma ISD will adapt accordingly. A survey of families is currently going now through early next week to determine how many students we will have at each campus starting Oct. 19, 2020. Once the district gets a firm handle on the survey results by the end of next week, Roma ISD’s Administration will work with each campus to tailor a plan that meets the needs of the students and staff at that campus. Roma ISD is the last school district in Starr County to begin offering an on-campus option for families, providing the district more time to ensure CDC guidelines for sanitation and safety are met. Please keep in mind that the recommendations put forth by Roma ISD in these documents have been carefully thought out in a manner that provides the safest return to campus option available at this time, striving to limit person-to-person contact and thus potential exposure to COVID-19. These recommendations are also aimed at reducing the spread of the flu in the community, as flu season starts soon, which when potentially mixed with COVID-19 could produce a deadly combination.

    “While COVID-19 case numbers have gone down and hospitalizations from the virus in our county have decreased, we still feel strongly that this is not the time to let our guard down regarding this virus,” said Roma ISD Superintendent Carlos Guzman. “I personally do not want to see any more of our community members get sick or potentially die, which could happen as a result of opening our facilities too quickly or without the proper precautions in place. It is my obligation to make the best decision that will meet the needs of our families while ensuring their safety. The options presented are based on practices being implemented at other districts in the Valley, where COVID-19 has hit very hard in recent months. Rest assured I am in constant contact with other superintendents, sharing ideas that will help us all continue moving students forward academically.”

    “As a parent I can understand all perspectives on this issue, but as the leader of the district I must listen to all parent feedback and make decisions that best match the full picture painted by the majority of the voices regarding the needs of the community,” Guzman said. “I ask for patience from all members of the Roma ISD family as we navigate unchartered waters. Ultimately this is the parent’s choice, and we are listening and responding within our abilities and means.”

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