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  • Blue Ribbon School


    Student of the Month: November: Compassion

    PK - Elijah M. Guerrero (S. Guerra)   3rd -Dianamy Vidal  (J. Cantu)
    PK - Lainey Barrera (M. Ramon)   3rd - Alejandra Gonzalez (G. Garza)
    PK - Frida Ramirez (R. Villarreal)   3rd - Africa Aguilar (M. Garza)
    Kinder - Britzely Peña (A. Barrera)   3rd - Aleah Gonzalez (D. Ramos)
    Kinder - Miguel Tijerina, Jr. (M. Benitez)   4th - Christian Martinez (Y. Bazan)
    Kinder - Savannah Piña (V. Escamilla)   4th - Raul Salinas (M. Perez)
    Kinder - Regina Guerra (J. Polanco)   4th - Harley Rider (I. Rodriguez)
    1st - Leyna Chapa (R. Garcia)   5th - Andrea Garcia (H. Gonzalez)
    1st - Dayana Jimenez (S. Garza)   5th - Milca Rubio (A. Jasso)
    1st - Aaron Guerra (E. Gonzalez)   5th - Karla Galvan (J. Ramirez)
    1st - Alex Lopez (R. Zapata)   5th - Yinetzy Gomez (E. Rodriguez)
    2nd - Nicole Villarreal (B. Pena)    
    2nd - Dayleen Ramirez (E. Perez)    
    2nd - Manuel Minor (E. Sanchez)    

    Places where you can check out books:
    1. Emma Vera Elementary Library

    Note: Parents of kinder and pre-k students are encouraged to come to the library to check out books for their kids to read at home.

    2. MackinVIA https:www.mackinvia.com (use school's name and your ID#)

    3. Starr County Roma Public Library, 1705 N. Athens St., Roma, Texas 78584 (956)849-0072
    4. Rio Grande City Public Library, 591 E. Canales Bros Street, Rio Grande City, Texas 78582 (956) 487-4389
    5. McAllen Public Library, 4001 N. 23rd Street, McAllen, Texas (956)681-3000


                                 Starr Readers  

    Starr Readers Website 

    Any money donated to this organization will be used to buy new books for our students.